Deftech Supercube III
  • Huge bass from a .6 cubic foot box!
  • 650 Watt Class D amplifier
  • Explosive bass response for movies
  • Quick, tight accuracy for full music enjoyment
  • High gloss lacquer finish complements any décor

    Huge Bass From a Tiny Enclosure
    If you want all the high impact bass excitement of the finest home theater audio systems without taking up a large amount of floor-space, then this is the subwoofer for you. The SuperCube III incorporates a 7-1/2 inch SuperCube® Technology woofer pressure coupled to two 7-1/2 inch Ultra Low Bass Radiators. The total piston area is greater than a 12-inch diameter woofer but with far greater speed, musicality and control than a single large diameter woofer could ever deliver—and it all fits in an impossibly tiny enclosure that is easy to tuck away out of sight. The SuperCube III can easily fill all but the largest domestic spaces with loud, visceral, extended and musical bass yet it occupies less than three-quarters of a square foot of floor space!