Definitive Technology BP-7004
  • Bipolar technology (speakers on front and back of enclosure) for huge room-filling sound for every listener in the room
  • Built-in 300 Watt powered subwoofers deliver massive bass, eliminates need for separate subwoofer
  • High-Definition drivers with magnetic shielding
  • Slim Designer enclosure takes up 6 tenths of a square foot of floor space

    Definitive's Extraordinary Bipolar SuperTowers with Built-In State-of-the-Art SuperCubeTechnology Powered Subwoofers
    If you love great sound you must experience the magic of Definitive’s BP7004 Bipolar SuperTowers. Their patented combination of bipolar technology (for rich life-like, room-filling, three-dimensional sound) and built-in SuperCube technology subs (for lightning-fast, earthshaking bass) delivers absolutely unsurpassed sonic performance. Combine them with perfectly matched Definitive centers and surrounds for an extraordinary home theater system which is, to quote HDTV Insider, “a mind-boggling sonic achievement.”

    Each BP7004 combines a built-in 10 subwoofer driven by a 300-Watt class D amplifier and two pressure-coupled 10" Low Bass radiators for 235 square inches of bass radiating area per speaker! That’s almost as much surface area as a single 18-inch woofer but with better control, speed and detail than a single big woofer could ever deliver. Built-in powered subwoofers achieve dramatically better blending, integration and timbre accuracy than could ever be achieved with separate subs.

  • Dimensions | Metric :6-5/8" W x 13" D x 42-1/4" H | 16.8 x 33.0 x 107.3 cm
    Driver Complement :Two 1" pure aluminum dome tweeters; Two 5-1/4" high definition upper bass/midrange drivers; One 10" long-throw subwoofer coupled to two 10" Low Bass radiators.
    Frequency Response :17 Hz - 30 kHz
    Impedance :Compatible with 8 Ohms outputs
    Sensitivity :92 dB
    Recommended Associated Amplifier Power :20 - 300 watts
    A/V Receiver Crossover Setting :Large; Full Bandwidth
    Internal Amplifier Power :300 watts
    Auto On / Off :Signal Sensing (US) | Signal Sensing and Switched (International)
    Power Requirements :110 volts Alternating Current (US) | 220 volts Alternating Current (International)
    Inputs :One pair of 5 way binding posts; One LFE input (optional)
    Fuse :3.2 amp 250 volt Slo Blo (US) | 2.5 amp 250 volt Slo Blo (International)
    Available Finishes :Piano-Gloss Black
    Accessories :Stabilizer Bars; Feet; Isolation Spikes
    Weight | Metric :59 lbs | 26.3 kg
    Warranty :5 Years; 3 Years for Amplifiers